Canada is a world leader in the fusion energy industry.


Our Mission is to secure public and private support for the commercialization of fusion energy technologies including the development of a strategy and business case for building North America’s first fusion energy plant in Canada.


The Fusion Energy Council of Canada is a non-profit organization established in 2016. Our membership consists of scientists, government representatives, the energy and utility industries, financiers, business people, academics and individuals with an interest in fusion and their spin-off technologies. Our members are united in the Vision of ”Canada is a world leader in the fusion energy industry”. We previously operated under the name of the Alberta Canada Fusion Technology Alliance.


Our fundamental work involves advocacy to encourage the government to generously fund a National Fusion Energy Program. Our message is being delivered to all levels of governments, to industry, all levels of academia and to the general public. Our activities also include the sharing of knowledge and developing partnerships nationally and internationally. Our mission is to see the development of North America’s first fusion energy plant in Canada. We see Canada as a favourable location as it has many energy-intensive industries that match the scale of early fusion plant designs and Canada has a favourable regulatory environment for this type of technology. The Council itself does not undertake technical research but seeks to advocate for funding support on behalf of Canadian research organizations and universities.